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Your pet is not fully protected until they are wearing their TabbyAlert ID Tags - Second Pet +

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FidoTabby Alert

TabbyAlert ID Tags - Second Pet +

TabbyAlert ID Tags - Second Pet +

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Support Our Mission To Connect Lost Pets To Their Owners

100% of all profits are invested into growing the FidoTabby Alert National Alert network.

How It Works

  • Step 1 - Register Your Pet

    You’ll get a unique Fido ID & FREE customized pet tag. A QR code and ID makes it simple for your pet’s finder to report them as safe and found.

  • Step 2 - When Your Pet is Lost

    You trigger a FidoAlert. We text your pet’s photo in a digital flier to every member of the alert network within a few miles of your pet’s lost location.

  • Step 3 - When Your Pet is Found

    You and your emergency contacts receive a text message that your lost pet has been found with the finder's first name and phone number.

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