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Paw-It-Forward and receive Special Thank You Gift instantly

Paw-It-Forward and receive Special Thank You Gift instantly

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Use code ALERTBUNDLE at checkout for a $275 price reduction!

The support and generosity of pet lovers and partners have enabled us to send over 500,000 FREE ID tags already.  $$ should never prevent a log pet from being reunited and it is our mission to make that a reality.

If you are financially able to support the mission to ensure that even those who can't afford to can join the network and protect their pets - please consider doing so now.

If you Paw-It-Forward one tag ($4.86) value you will instantly receive over $150 in savings from our partners as a Thank You!


Explore the eGift Cards you will receive as a Thank You!

$5 OFF Graphic T-Shirt ($25 value)
FREE Second Custom Engraved Pet Tag ($9.99 value)
20% OFF delicious Puppy Cake Ice Cream & Cake Mix
20% OFF ElleVet Sciences #1 Vet Endorsed Pet CBD + CBDA
$50 OFF an exclusive Hand Painted Pet Pawtrait
10% OFF on the top-rated pet insurance Prudent Pet + FREE 24/7 vet chat with active policy

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Social Mission Focused - 100% of all profits are invested into growing the FidoTabby Alert National Alert network.

All pets will be the safest when 100% of pet owners join the free alert network. Money should never prevent a lost pet from finding their owner. Your purchases help keep this network free for everyone and for ever!

Protect your pet with your FIDOALERT ID TAG

JOIN THE FREE nationwide pet alert network that connects you to thousands of local Pet Finders in your area to bring your lost dog home safe and sound.

  • Step 1 - Register Your Pet

    You’ll get a unique Fido ID & FREE customized pet tag. A QR code and ID makes it simple for your pet’s finder to report them as safe and found.

  • Step 2 - When Your Pet is Lost

    You trigger a FidoAlert. We text your pet’s photo in a digital flier to every member of the alert network within a few miles of your pet’s lost location.

  • Step 3 - When Your Pet is Found

    You and your emergency contacts receive a text message that your lost pet has been found with the finder's first name and phone number.